What's new in Barnacle 0.6.3

Version 0.6.3 is so major I was contemplating calling it 0.7.

Widget, encryption, bug fixes, ... a whole bunch of goodies for the holidays!

Donation widget!

"Barnacle Wifi Tether - donate" is now the "Barnacle Widget"! Everyone who donated so far (2000 users!) gets a nice gift for the holidays :D

You will need to download the free Barnacle Wifi Tether yourself, but that shouldn't be too hard.

After some experimentation, I discovered that due to some bad design in Android's permissions, you will also need to reinstall Barnacle Widget (from the Market) after installing Barnacle Wifi Tether for the first time. Otherwise, the widget won't be granted the permissions to control Barnacle.

wpa_supplicant fixed for Droid 2.2

After quite a bit of work, I managed to get wpa_supplicant to behave on Moto Droid 2.2. A working wpa_supplicant means WEP is working again! More than that, it seems the new wpa_supplicant is much more consistent with respect to the beaconed BSSID and it features its own auto-beaconing.

I also added a small fix that allows wpa_supplicant join existing ad-hoc networks. This could help in the few cases when the laptop won't connect to Barnacle, but Barnacle can connect to the laptop.

40- and 104-bit WEP keys in wext

Users who don't have wpa_supplicant working might be able to get WEP working on their phones as well after support for both 40- and 104-bit keys is fixed. Note, however, that whether WEP will actually work without wpa_supplicant depends on how well the wireless driver for your device implements wireless extensions.

More reliable cleanup

I managed to make the after-shutdown-cleanup much more reliable, so you should see "port already in use" much less frequently. Similarly, wifi should now work after Barnacle is stopped without having to kill the app.

"run not found" fixed?

Finally, added a small fix that should make the "run not found" problem (due to some bad implementations of su) go away, and squished yet another FC.

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