What's new in Barnacle 0.6.5

Version 0.6.5 is hopefully the last of the December series of updates (starting at 0.6 through 0.6.4 so far).

In 0.6.4, three distinct exceptions (also known as Force Close or FC) got squished. Also, added some handling of the nasty situation when another app enables wifi. If this happens, Barnacle tries to restart as gracefully as possible (which is not that gracefully unfortunately).

In 0.6.5, the setup scripts got a handful of fixes. There should be no more spurious "su not found" nor errors when connecting to NAT (for Access Control). Finally, switching between 3G and 4G should be as simple as restarting Barnacle (it will use whatever is available at the time of start).

Unfortunately, didn't have time to fix the GRE forwarding issue.

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