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dythr advanced in Knight News Challenge

Yay! dythr advanced to the next round of Knight News Challenge. We've got to work on the full proposals, which are due soon!


Barnacle 0.6.7 for HTC Evo, Aria, Liberty

Version 0.6.7 is available. Barnacle 0.6.7 should work on HTC Evo and, with some extra work, on Aria and Liberty (and possibly Desire) as well. For Aria/Liberty you will need to download new firmware for your wifi driver.

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Keep-root Recovery for Motorola Droid

If you currently have root access on your Motorola Droid but are running a vanilla (not custom) ROM, you need to take precautions when applying an OTA update. By default an OTA update will remove your root access. Some phones are rather easy to re-root (for instance, Nexus One), but in some cases the OTA update patches up the security holes exploited to gain root access.

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