Barnacle 0.6.7 for HTC Evo, Aria, Liberty

Version 0.6.7 is available. Barnacle 0.6.7 should work on HTC Evo and, with some extra work, on Aria and Liberty (and possibly Desire) as well. For Aria/Liberty you will need to download new firmware for your wifi driver.

HTC Aria, Liberty, Desire(?)

  1. Download fw_bcm4329.bin to /sdcard/. You probably won't be able to download this on the phone (due to the .bin extension) so download it on your computer and then put it on /sdcard either by mounting the SD card via USB and copying the file over or via adb:

    adb push fw_bcm4329.bin /sdcard/
  2. Unmount the SD card (it needs to be unmounted from USB in order for Android apps to read from it).

  3. In Barnacle, configure Settings > Custom Wifi Ad-hoc > Aria/Liberty
  4. Start Barnacle
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